Dr. Heejae Kim

Heejae Kim studied chemistry at the Korea University where she received her degree. Then she joined the group of Prof. Minhaeng Cho for a master and a PhD projects since September 2007. She worked on specific ion effects in solutions by time-resolved infrared spectroscopies and molecular dynamics simulations. After graduation, she moved to the group of Prof. Mischa Bonn at the MPI-P in Germany as a postdoctoral researcher and studied asymmetric organocatalysis using the dielectric spectroscopy and quantum chemistry calculations. In 2015, she was granted the Marie Skłodowska-Curie individual fellowship by European Commission for two years and studied the phonon-band gap coupling in perovskites by developing the intense THz induced transient absorption approach. Since April 2017, she has been working as a group leader in the department of Molecular Spectroscopy at MPI-P. Her research focuses on the electron phonon coupling using ultrafast THz and two dimensional THz/visible spectroscopies.

Research Interest

Element-resolved study of electron phonon coupling

In condensed matter systems, electrons do not exist as independent entities but strongly interact with their neighboring nuclei and other electrons. The interplay among the structural and dynamic atomic arrangements, charge, and spin degrees of freedom give rise to exotic properties and define the complexity of the materials. In order to disentangle the specific coordinate and the state that play a central role, we recently developed the two dimensional THz/visible spectroscopy. From revealing element-resolved electron phonon coupling with this technique, we expect to deepen the understanding of many-body physics as well as material properties relevant to optoelectronic applications.

Recent Publications

Di Virgilio, L.; Geuchies, J. J.; Kim, H.; Krewer, K.; Wang, H.; Grechko, M.; Bonn, M.: Controlling the electro-optic response of a semiconducting perovskite coupled to a phonon-resonant cavity. Light: Science & Applications 12 (1), 183 (2023)
Berghoff, D.; Bühler, J.; Bonn, M.; Leitenstorfer, A.; Meier, T.; Kim, H.: Low-field onset of Wannier-Stark localization in a polycrystalline hybrid organic inorganic perovskite. Nature Communications 12 (1), 5719 (2021)
Kim, H.; Lee, K.; Dismukes, A. H.; Choi, B.; Roy, X.; Zhu, X.; Bonn, M.: Charge carrier scattering and ultrafast Auger dynamics in two-dimensional superatomic semiconductors. Applied Physics Letters 116 (20), 201109 (2020)
Klasen, A.; Baumli, P.; Qu, S.; Johannes, E.; Bretschneider, S. A.; Hermes, I. M.; Bergmann, V. W.; Gort, C.; Axt, A.; Weber, S. A. L. et al.; Kim, H.; Butt, H.-J.; Tremel, W.; Berger, R.: Removal of Surface Oxygen Vacancies Increases Conductance Through TiO2 Thin Films for Perovskite Solar Cells. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (22), pp. 13458 - 13466 (2019)
Grechko, M.; Bretschneider, S. A.; Vietze, L.; Kim, H.; Bonn, M.: Vibrational Coupling between Organic and Inorganic Sublattices of Hybrid Perovskites. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (41), pp. 13657 - 13661 (2018)
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