Dr. Ronald Ulbricht

Ronald received his diploma in physics at TU Dresden and subsequently began his doctoral studies at the FOM Institute AMOLF in Amsterdam. There he obtained his PhD in 2012 for his work on THz spectroscopy on semiconductors. He then embarked on a series of postdoctoral positions: as a JSPS fellow at Hokkaido University working on picosecond photoacoustics, as a Rubicon fellow at the University of Colorado, Boulder working with optical near-field scanning probe microscopy  and as a DFG fellow at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore investigating the transient optical dynamics of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond. 
He now leads the Ultrafast Microscopy group.

Main Research Interests

Ultrafast microscopy

The Ultrafast microscopy group develops and employs various time-resolved spectroscopic microscopy methods.Among them is a transient absorption technique that is able to capture optical dynamics in the visible to infrared spectral range on timescales from femtoseconds to seconds. A main application of this method is the study of electronic properties and dynamics of color centers in diamond and silicon carbide. The results will be complemented with time-resolved photoluminescence, THz spectroscopy and photocurrent measurements. Nonlinear optical techniques like stimulated Raman scattering and sum-frequency generation will be implemented in a microscopy modality to study the vibrational properties of nanoscale materials such as nanodiamonds.

Recent Publications

Purz, T. L.; Hipsley, B. T.; Martin, E. W.; Ulbricht, R.; Cundiff, S. T.: Rapid multiplex ultrafast nonlinear microscopy for material characterization. Optics Express 30 (25), pp. 45008 - 45019 (2022)
Younesi, A. T.; Ulbricht, R.: Broadband transient absorption spectroscopy using an incoherent white-light source as probe. Optics Express 30 (21), 467483, pp. 38896 - 38906 (2022)
Day, M. W.; Bates, K. M.; Smallwood, C. L.; Owen, R. C.; Schröder, T.; Bielejec, E.; Ulbricht, R.; Cundiff, S. T.: Coherent Interactions between Silicon-Vacancy Centers in Diamond. Physical Review Letters 128 (20), 203603 (2022)
Bates, K. M.; Day, M. W.; Smallwood, C. L.; Owen, R. C.; Schröder, T.; Bielejec, E.; Ulbricht, R.; Cundiff, S. T.: Using silicon-vacancy centers in diamond to probe the full strain tensor. Journal of Applied Physics 130 (2), 024301 (2021)
Liu, A.; Cundiff, S. T.; Almeida, D. B.; Ulbricht, R.: Spectral broadening and ultrafast dynamics of a nitrogen-vacancy center ensemble in diamond. Materials for Quantum Technology 1 (2), 025002 (2021)
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