Prof. Dr. Kurt Kremer

Kremer, Kurt

Scientific member (Director)

Main research interests

Kurt Kremer's research concentrates on statistical and computational physics and physical chemistry of soft matter. Specific current research areas of the theory group include:

  • computational physics methods/ applications
  • statistical mechanics of soft matter (polymers, colloids, membranes...)
  • structure process property relations
  • multiscale modeling of synthetic and biological soft matter

The following senior staff scientists interact closely with Kurt Kremer in the above research areas:

  • Dr. D. Andrienko (molecular electronics, multiscale modelling)
  • PD. Dr. Kostas Daoulas (dense polymer systems, SCF theories, multiscale modeling)
  • Prof Dr. B. Dünweg ((hybrid) computer simulation methods, statistical mechanics)
  • Dr. R. Cortes-Huerto (statistical mechanics)
  • Dr. Oleksandra Kukharenko (mathematical models)
  • Dr. T. Stühn (software development, computing infrastructure)

Recent alumni

  • Dr. Joseph F. Rudzinski (multiscale modeling, biophysics), FAIRmat team, Berlin
  • Dr. O. Valsson (Enhanced Sampling Methods), University of North Texas
  • Prof. Dr. T. A. Vilgis (analytic theory, networks, polyelectrolytes, disordered systems)
  • Prof Dr. T. Bereau (multiscale modeling, biophysics)
  • Prof. Dr. B. Baumeier (quantum chemistry, organic electronics), TU Eindhoven
  • Prof. Dr. L. Delle Site (Ab initio Molecular Dynamics, CPMD, Multiscale Modeling), FU Berlin
  • Prof. Dr. D. Donadio (transport phenomena in hard and soft matter), UC Davis
  • Prof. Dr. C. Peter (biological soft matter), Univ. Konstanz
  • Prof. Dr. H. Pleiner (macroscopic theory, liquid crystals)
  • Prof. Dr. R. Potestio (biomolecular models, adaptive resolution simulations)

Short CV

Kurt Kremer joined the Max-Planck Society in September of 1995 as the sixth director of the Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research, heading the newly established theory group. After studying physics he received his PhD in 1983 from the University of Cologne under the supervision of Prof. Binder, working at the National Research Center KFA Jülich. He performed computer simulations for dynamic and static properties of polymers in bulk and near surfaces. After spending another year at Jülich he moved for a post-doctoral stay to Exxon Research and Engineering Corporation, Annandale, New Jersey, USA, working on polymers and on charge stabilized colloids in collaboration with Drs. Grest, Pincus, and others. Being back in Germany he obtained his Habilitation in 1988 at the University of Mainz. After that he returned to the solid state laboratory of the KFA Jülich as senior scientific staff. He spent several extended visits as visiting professor/scientist at Exxon Research (Dr. Grest), UC Santa Barbara (Materials Dept., Prof. Pincus), and University of Minnesota (Dept. Chem. Engineering and Materials Science, Profs. Davis, Bates, Tirell, and others). After a short stay at the central research department of the Bayer AG, Leverkusen, he moved to the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research.

Kurt Kremer received several awards and recognitions and is member of the German National Academy of Science, Leopoldina.

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