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Building-block solar cells

Computer algorithm searches for new materials for organic solar cells more

Understanding the texture of food with microscopy and mechanics

Why the structure of animal products is difficult to imitate artificially more

A library of … organic molecules

How modern algorithms can be used to improve organic light-emitting diodes more



July 02, 2021

Lifting the treasure trove of materials data more

A question of affinity

How to design organic solar cell materials more

<span>A new form of glass through molecular entanglement </span>

Cooperation between the University of Vienna and the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research more

Molecular milk mayonnaise

How mouthfeel and microscopic properties are related in mayonnaise more

<span>German Research Foundation approves new research training group on the self-organization of soft matter</span>

DFG to sponsor a new research training group in physics and chemistry / Cooperation between Mainz University, TU Darmstadt, and the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research more

<p>Jellyfish: A delicacy!</p>

Research group investigates chemical-physical structure of jellyfish more

<p>Humboldt Research Fellowship for two Postdoctoral Researchers</p>

Successful application of Anastasia Markina and Trivikram Nallamilli more

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