Dr. Calum Ferguson

Calum Ferguson attained his PhD from the University of Leeds, UK, in 2018. After the completion of his doctoral studies, he joined the department of Physical Chemistry of Polymers at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, working with Prof. Dr. Kai Zhang and Prof. Dr. Katharina Landfester. In March of 2020, he became a research group leader with Prof. Dr. Katharina Landfester. His research interests include controlled radical polymer synthesis, production of new heterogeneous photocatalysts and the formation of bio-mimicking polymers and colloids.

Research Interests

We are interested in combining small molecule organic photocatalysts with classical monomers to form new hybrid polymeric materials. Here, the photocatalytic properties of small molecule photocatalysts can be imparted into designed polymer architectures by copolymerisation. Due to the relatively inexpensive nature of commercially available monomers, these photocatalytic polymers are more affordable than current alternatives. Moreover, the efficiency of the photocatalytic materials may be enhanced compared to other photocatalytic systems, as the active potions can easily be accessed by reagents and light. These hybrid materials can be used for a diverse range of projects, including synthetic biology, heterogeneous photocatalysis and therapeutic prodrug formation.

Selected Publications

Thomas Kuckhoff, Katharina Landfester, Kai A. I. Zhang*, and Calum T. J. Ferguson*
Photocatalytic Hydrogels with a High Transmission Polymer Network for Pollutant Remediation
Chem. Mater. (2021)
Ferguson, C. T. J.; Zhang, K. A. I.
Classical Polymers as Highly Tunable and Designable Heterogeneous Photocatalysts
ACS Catalysis 11 (15), pp. 9547 - 9560 (2021)
Calum TJ Ferguson, Niklas Huber, Thomas Kuckhoff, Kai AI Zhang, and Katharina Landfester
Dispersible porous classical polymer photocatalysts for visible light-mediated production of pharmaceutically relevant compounds in multiple solvents
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2020, 8, 1072-1076
Wang, Qin, Jin Li, Xianjun Tu, Hongbo Liu, Miao Shu, Rui Si, Calum TJ Ferguson, Kai AI Zhang, and Run Li
Single-Atomically Anchored Cobalt on Carbon Quantum Dots as Efficient Photocatalysts for Visible Light-promoted Oxidation Reactions
Chemistry of Materials 2020, 32, 734-743
Calum TJ Ferguson, Niklas Huber, Katharina Landfester, and Kai AI Zhang
Dual‐Responsive Photocatalytic Polymer Nanogels
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2019, 58, 10567-10571
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