Groups | Dept. Landfester

We are interested in energy transport in optically-created densely-populated organic triplet ensembles. [more]
Our group is developing synthetic vesicular systems, such as bioreactors and artificial organelles that can recreate functions and behaviors of biological cells. [more]
We focus on the combination of photocatalysts with classical polymers to form new heterogeneous photocatalytic materials. [more]
A glance at the details opens the window to understanding. By means of microscopic investigation of macromolecular structures we investigate their relationship to their function. We develop new methods to visualize nanosized structures using electron microscopy. [more]
The Mailänder group is focusing on translating drug nanocarriers into clinically relevant applications by understanding their potentials and hurdles. [more]
Our group focuses on (bio-)polymer characterization as well as understanding and controlling biomolecule interactions with nanomaterial surfaces. [more]
We synthesize and study the formation of high quality nanocrystals, suitable for efficient energy transduction, control their properties by composition, size and shape and integrate them in solids by self-assembly or additive manufacturing. [more]
We are interested in the interaction between polymers and nanocolloids. We want to understand the behavior of polymers immobilized in, on or around nanoparticles and harness this interplay between nanoparticles and polymers to design new materials. [more]
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