High-Performance Materials

  • Biobased films and hybrid membranes e.g. for catalysis (C. Synatschke).
  • Defects in diamond as precision sensors (A. Ermakova, M. Wagner)

Together with other groups of the MPI-P, we are conducting research on sustainable (resource-saving) processes for the production of sensors, functional films and membranes, e.g. for catalysis and water purification, within the framework of the priority topics "Proteins at Interfaces" and "Water at Interfaces".

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Dr. Christopher Synatschke
Our group synthesizes small building blocks to assemble into hierarchical bio-interfacing materials. more
Dr. Manfred Wagner
The NMR team are establishing a broad tool for in-situ measurements to understand the reaction pathways of polymerization; the Nanodiamond (ND) team is looking into the synthesis of NDs with defined atomic defect for tunable physical properties. more
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