Publications of M. G. Santonicola

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Journal Article
Nowak, C.; Santonicola, M. G.; Schach, D.; Zhu, J. P.; Gennis, R. B.; Ferguson-Miller, S.; Baurecht, D.; Walz, D.; Knoll, W.; Naumann, R. L. C.: Conformational transitions and molecular hysteresis of cytochrome c oxidase: Varying the redox state by electronic wiring. Soft Matter 6 (21), pp. 5523 - 5532 (2010)
Journal Article
Friedrich, M. G.; Plum, M. A.; Santonicola, M. G.; Kirste, V. U.; Knoll, W.; Ludwig, B.; Naumann, R. L. C.: In situ monitoring of the catalytic activity of cytochrome c oxidase in a biomimetic architecture. Biophysical Journal 95 (3), pp. 1500 - 1510 (2008)
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