Publications of Andres De Virgiliis

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Sarabadani, J.; Milchev, A.; De Virgiliis, A.; Vilgis, T. A.: Molecular Dynamic Study of the Structure and Dynamics of Polymer Melt at Solid Surfaces. Soft Materials 12, pp. S56 - S70 (2014)
Journal Article
De Virgiliis, A.; Kuban, L.; Paturej, J.; Mukherji, D.: Unexpected crossover dynamics of single polymer in a corrugated tube. The Journal of Chemical Physics 137 (11), 114902 (2012)
Journal Article
De Virgiliis, A.; Milchev, A.; Rostiashvili, V. G.; Vilgis, T. A.: Structure and dynamics of a polymer melt at an attractive surface. European Physical Journal E 35 (9), 97 (2012)
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