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Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Bates, K. M.; Day, M. W.; Smallwood, C. L.; Owen, R. C.; Schröder, T.; Bielejec, E.; Ulbricht, R.; Cundiff, S. T.: Using silicon-vacancy centers in diamond to probe the full strain tensor. Journal of Applied Physics 130 (2), 024301 (2021)
Journal Article
Smallwood, C. L.; Ulbricht, R.; Day, M. W.; Schröder, T.; Bates, K. M.; Autry, T. M.; Diederich, G.; Bielejec, E.; Siemens, M. E.; Cundiff, S. T.: Hidden Silicon-Vacancy Centers in Diamond. Physical Review Letters 126 (21), 213601 (2021)
Journal Article
Ulbricht, R.; Pijpers, J. J. H.; Groeneveld, E.; Koole, R.; Donega, C. D.; Vanmaekelbergh, D.; Delerue, C.; Allan, G.; Bonn, M.: Loosening Quantum Confinement: Observation of Real Conductivity Caused by Hole Polarons in Semiconductor Nanocrystals Smaller than the Bohr Radius. Nano Letters 12 (9), pp. 4937 - 4942 (2012)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Bates, K.M.; Day, M.W.; Smallwood, C.L.; Ulbricht, R.; Autry, T.M.; Owen, R.C.; Diederich, G.; Schroder, T.; Bielejec, E.; Siemens, M.E. et al.; Cundiff, S.T.: Measuring the Diamond Strain Tensor with Silicon-Vacancy Centers. In: 2020 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, CLEO, Vol. 2020, 9192157. CLEO 2020 : 2020 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, San Jose, United States, May 10, 2020 - May 15, 2020. IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. (2020)
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