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Journal Article
Kang, E.; Graczykowski, B.; Jonas, U.; Christie, D.; Gray, L. A. G.; Cangialosi, D.; Priestley, R. D.; Fytas, G.: Shell Architecture Strongly Influences the Glass Transition, Surface Mobility, and Elasticity of Polymer Core-Shell Nanoparticles. Biomacromolecules 52 (14), pp. 5399 - 5406 (2019)
Journal Article
Sledzinska, M.; Graczykowski, B.; Alzina, F.; Melia, U.; Termentzidis, K.; Lacroix, D.; Sotomayor Torres, C. M.: Thermal conductivity in disordered porous nanomembranes. Nanotechnology 30 (26), 265401 (2019)
Journal Article
Alonso-Redondo, E.; Belliard, L.; Rolle, K.; Graczykowski, B.; Tremel, W.; Djafari-Rouhani, B.; Fytas, G.: Robustness of elastic properties in polymer nanocomposite films examined over the full volume fraction range. Scientific Reports 8, 16986 (2018)
Journal Article
Kang, E.; Kim, H.; Gray, L. A. G.; Christie, D.; Jonas, U.; Graczykowski, B.; Furst, E. M.; Priestley, R. D.; Fytas, G.: Ultrathin Shell Layers Dramatically Influence Polymer Nanoparticle Surface Mobility. Macromolecules 51 (21), pp. 8522 - 8529 (2018)
Journal Article
Kim, H.; Cang, Y.; Kang, E.; Graczykowski, B.; Secchi, M.; Montagna, M.; Priestley, R. D.; Furst, E. M.; Fytas, G.: Direct observation of polymer surface mobility via nanoparticle vibrations. Nature Communications 9 (1), 2918 (2018)
Journal Article
Reig, D. S.; Hummel, P.; Wang, Z.; Rosenfeldt, S.; Graczykowski, B.; Retsch, M.; Fytas, G.: Well-defined metal-polymer nanocomposites: The interplay of structure, thermoplasmonics, and elastic mechanical properties. Physical Review Materials 2 (12), 123605 (2018)
Journal Article
Graczykowski, B.; El Sachat, A.; Reparaz, J. S.; Sledzinska, M.; Wagner, M. R.; Chavez-Angel, E.; Wu, Y.; Volz, S.; Wu, Y.; Alzina, F. et al.; Sotomayor Torres, C. M.: Thermal conductivity and air-mediated losses in periodic porous silicon membranes at high temperatures. Nature Communications 8, 415 (2017)
Journal Article
Graczykowski, B.; Sledzinska, M.; Placidi, M.; Saleta Reig, D.; Kasprzak, M.; Alzina, F.; Sotomayor Torres, C. M.: Elastic Properties of Few Nanometers Thick Polycrystalline MoS2 Membranes: A Nondestructive Study. Nano Letters 17 (12), pp. 7647 - 7651 (2017)
Journal Article
Sledzinska, M.; Cuey, R.; Mortazavi, B.; Graczykowski, B.; Placidi, M.; Saleta Reig, D.; Navarro-Urrios, D.; Alzina, F.; Colombo, L.; Roche, S. et al.; Sotomayor Torres, C. M.: Record Low Thermal Conductivity of Polycrystalline MoS2 Films: Tuning the Thermal Conductivity by Grain Orientation. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 9 (43), pp. 37905 - 37911 (2017)
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