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Journal Article
Rocha, P. R. F.; Medeiros, M. C. R.; Kintzel, U.; Vogt, J.; Araujo, I. M.; Mestre, A. L. G.; Mailänder, V.; Schlett, P.; Dröge, M.; Schneider, L. et al.; Biscarini, F.; de Leeuw, D. M.; Gomes, H. L.: Extracellular electrical recording of pH-triggered bursts in C6 glioma cell populations. Science Advances 2 (12), e1600516 (2016)
Journal Article
Rocha, P. R. F.; Schlett, P.; Schneider, L.; Dröge, M.; Mailänder, V.; Gomes, H. L.; Blom, P. W. M.; de Leeuw, D. M.: Low frequency electric current noise in glioma cell populations. Journal of Materials Chemistry B 3 (25), pp. 5035 - 5039 (2015)
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