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Journal Article
Wu, S.; Wang, L.; Kroeger, A.; Wu, Y. P.; Zhang, Q. J.; Bubeck, C.: Block copolymers of PS-b-PEO co-assembled with azobenzene-containing homopolymers and their photoresponsive properties. Soft Matter 7 (24), pp. 11535 - 11545 (2011)
Journal Article
Wang, F.; Pang, S. P.; Wang, L.; Li, Q.; Kreiter, M.; Liu, C. Y.: One-Step Synthesis of Highly Luminescent Carbon Dots in Noncoordinating Solvents. Chemistry of Materials 22 (16), pp. 4528 - 4530 (2010)
Journal Article
Wang, L.; Zhang, L. C.; Lieberwirth, I.; Xu, H. W.; Chen, C. H.: A Li3V2(PO4)(3)/C thin film with high rate capability as a cathode material for lithium-ion batteries. Electrochemistry Communications 12 (1), pp. 52 - 55 (2010)
Journal Article
Yang, S. B.; Feng, X. L.; Wang, L.; Tang, K.; Maier, J.; Müllen, K.: Graphene-Based Nanosheets with a Sandwich Structure. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 49 (28), pp. 4795 - 4799 (2010)
Journal Article
Chen, C. H.; Ding, N.; Wang, L.; Yu, Y.; Lieberwirth, I.: Some new facts on electrochemical reaction mechanism for transition metal oxide electrodes. Journal of Power Sources 189 (1), pp. 552 - 556 (2009)
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