Staff | The Domke Group

Staff | The Domke Group

Prof. Dr. Katrin F. Domke

group leader
Email: katrin.domke@...*

Matthias Cantek

secretary @UDE
Email: matthias.cantek@...
Phone: +49 201 183-3057

Dr. Özge Demirtaş

postdoctoral researcher @UDE
+ tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy + alkaline electrolysis +
Email: oezge.demirtas@...

Dr. Detlef Diesing

akademischer Rat @UDE
+ electrochemistry & spectroscopy labs +
Email: detlef.diesing@...

Prof. Ana M. Gómez-Marín

visiting researcher
Phone: +49 6131 379-264
Email: gomeza@... (MPIP email)
+ EC-TERS + electrocatalysis +

Dirk Gründer

finemechanics technician @UDE
Email: dirk.gruender@...

Marc Haucke

intern @UDE
Email: marc.haucke@...
+ electrochemistry + EC-AFM +

Annika Kirsten

PhD student (iGSS RESOLV Cluster of Excellence)
Email: annika.kirsten@...
+ EC-TERS + metal-organic frameworks +

Nikolas Milchers

intern/Master student @UDE
Email: nikolas.milchers@...
+ electrochemistry + EC-AFM +

Elke Normann

chemical engineer @UDE
Email: elke.normann@...

Werner Saure

electronics engineer @UDE
Email: werner.saure@...



Dr. Daniel Ohm (PhD 2023), moved to GBK Global Regulatory Compliance GmbH

Giovanni Giuzio (PhD student)

Albin Lahu (HiWi 2020-2022), moved on to MPI Polymer Research (AK Weil)

Stephanie Jung (Science Manager 2016-2021), moved on to IMB Mainz

Dr. Albert Cortijos i Aragonès (Postdoc 2019-2021), moved on to University of Barcelona

Dr. Azade YazdanYar (Postdoc 2019/20), moved on to Stuttgart University

Dr. Jonas Pfisterer (PhD 2019), moved on to Greenerity

Dr. Masoud Baghernejad (Postdoc 2019), moved on to Helmholtz-Institut Münster

Dr. Leonie Driessen (PhD 2018)

Nils Schewe (Master 2019), moved on to Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Jana Strugatchi (Master 2019), moved on to JGU Mainz

Benjamin Becker (Bachelor 2019).

Dr. Xiao Ling (PhD 2018), moved on to Anton Paar GmbH (Shanghai)

Dr. Ulmas Zhumaev (Postdoc 2018), moved on to Merck

Dr. Natalia Martín Sabanés (PhD 2018), moved on to IMDEA, Madrid

Amala Elizabeth, moved on to University of Münster

Dr. Philipp Schäfer (PhD 2017), moved on to BASF

Kathrin Stadelmann (Master 2016), moved on to Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology

Dr. Qianli Chen (Postdoc 2015), moved on to University of Michigan – Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute, Shanghai

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