Innovative Materials for Medicine

  • Preparation of protein therapeutics (S.L. Kuan) and polymer nanogels (L. Nuhn) for tumor (immun-) therapies
  • 2D and 3D Nanostructures for Regenerative Medicine (C. Synatschke)
  • Nanodiamonds as drug transporters and for improved tumor imaging (Y. Wu, T. Weil)

Together with other groups of the MPI-P we conduct strategic research on nanomedicine and proteins at interfaces.

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Dr. Seah-Ling Kuan
We develop new chemical methodologies and prepare new protein therapeutics to address deadly diseases such as cancer and viral infections.
Prof. Dr. Lutz Nuhn
Well-defined macromolecular chemistry can become a key tool in enhancing  therapeutic efficacies – we are keen to contribute in the development of next-generation macromolecular (immuno-)therapeutics.” more
Johanna Quambusch
My work focuses on occupational safety (biology) and the development of biological tools to investigate cellular responses. more
Dr. Christopher Synatschke
Our group synthesizes small building blocks to assemble into hierarchical bio-interfacing materials. more
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