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Journal Article
Qin, C.; Hou, B.; Wang, J.; Wang, G.; Ma, Z.; Jia, L.; Li, D.: Stabilizing Optimal Crystalline Facet of Cobalt Catalysts for Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 11 (37), pp. 33886 - 33893 (2019)
Journal Article
Qin, C.; Hou, B.; Wang, J. G.; Wang, Q.; Wang, G.; Yu, M. T.; Chen, C. B.; Jia, L. T.; Li, D. B.: Crystal-Plane-Dependent Fischer-Tropsch Performance of Cobalt Catalysts. ACS Catalysis 8 (10), pp. 9447 - 9455 (2018)
Journal Article
Wang, G.; Wang, F. X.; Zhang, P. P.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, T.; Müllen, K.; Feng, X.: Polarity-Switchable Symmetric Graphite Batteries with High Energy and High Power Densities. Advanced Materials 30 (39), 1802949 (2018)
Journal Article
Wang, G.; Yu, M. H.; Wang, J. G.; Li, D.B.; Tan, D. M.; Löffler, M.; Zhuang, X. D.; Müllen, K.; Feng, X.: Self-Activating, Capacitive Anion Intercalation Enables High-Power Graphite Cathodes. Advanced Materials 30 (20), 1800533 (2018)
Journal Article
Wang, G.; Zhang, J.; Yang, S.; Wang, F. X.; Zhuang, X. D.; Müllen, K.; Feng, X.: Vertically Aligned MoS2 Nanosheets Patterned on Electrochemically Exfoliated Graphene for High-Performance Lithium and Sodium Storage. Advanced Energy Materials 8 (8), 1702254 (2018)
Journal Article
Xu, R. T.; Wang, G.; Zhou, T. F.; Zhang, Q.; Cong, H. P.; Xin, S.; Rao, J.; Zhang, C. F.; Liu, Y. K.; Guo, Z. P. et al.; Yu, S. H.: Rational design of Si@carbon with robust hierarchically porous custard-apple-like structure to boost lithium storage. Nano Energy 39, pp. 253 - 261 (2017)
Journal Article
Wang, G.; Sun, Y. H.; Li, D. B.; Wei, W.; Feng, X.; Müllen, K.: Constructing Hierarchically Hollow Core-Shell MnO2/C Hybrid Spheres for High-Performance Lithium Storage. Small 12 (29), pp. 3914 - 3919 (2016)
Journal Article
Wang, G.; Sun, Y. H.; Li, D. B.; Liang, H.-W.; Dong, R.; Feng, X.; Müllen, K.: Controlled Synthesis of N-Doped Carbon Nanospheres with Tailored Mesopores through Self-Assembly of Colloidal Silica. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (50), pp. 15191 - 15196 (2015)
Journal Article
Wei, W.; Wang, G.; Yang, S.; Feng, X.; Müllen, K.: Efficient Coupling of Nanoparticles to Electrochemically Exfoliated Graphene. Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (16), pp. 5576 - 5581 (2015)
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