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Publikationen von Chaojian Chen

Zeitschriftenartikel (15)

Zhao, P.; Wang, R.; Xiang, J.; Zhang, J.; Wu, X.; Chen, C.; Liu, G.: Antibacterial, antiviral, and biodegradable collagen network mask for effective particulate removal and wireless breath monitoring. Journal of Hazardous Materials 456, 131654 (2023)
Wang, R.; Yu, R.; Wang, J.; Xiang, J.; Chen, C.; Liu, G.; Liao, X.: Hierarchical collagen fibers complexed with tannic acid and Fe3+ as a heterogeneous catalyst for enhancing sulfate radical-based advanced oxidation process. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2022)
Ma, L.; Li, K.; Xia, J.; Chen, C.; Liu, Y.; Lang, S.; Yu, L.; Liu, G.: Commercial soft contact lenses engineered with zwitterionic silver nanoparticles for effectively treating microbial keratitis. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 610, S. 923 - 933 (2022)
Zhu, R.; Wang, J.; Li, K.; Chen, C.; Liu, G.: Modular penetration and controlled release (MP-CR): improving the internal modification of natural hierarchical materials with smart nanoparticles. Materials Horizons 9 (4), S. 1309 - 1316 (2022)
Lang, S.; Chen, C.; Xiang, J.; Liu, Y.; Li, K.; Hu, Q.; Liu, G.: Facile and Robust Antibacterial Functionalization of Medical Cotton Gauze with Gallic Acids to Accelerate Wound Healing. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research 60 (28), S. 10225 - 10234 (2021)
Huppertsberg, A.; Kaps, L.; Zhong, Z.; Schmitt, S.; Stickdorn, J.; Deswarte, K.; Combes, F.; Czysch, C.; De Vrieze, J.; Kasmi, S. et al.; Choteschovsky, N.; Klefenz, A.; Medina-Montano, C.; Winterwerber, P.; Chen, C.; Bros, M.; Lienenklaus, S.; Sanders, N. N.; Koynov, K.; Schuppan, D.; Lambrecht, B. N.; David, S. A.; De Geest, B. G.; Nuhn, L.: Squaric Ester-Based, pH-Degradable Nanogels: Modular Nanocarriers for Safe, Systemic Administration of Toll-like Receptor 7/8 Agonistic Immune Modulators. Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (26), S. 9872 - 9883 (2021)
Chen, C.; Singh, M. K.; Wunderlich, K.; Harvey, S.; Whitfield, C.; Zhou, Z.; Wagner, M.; Landfester, K.; Lieberwirth, I.; Fytas, G. et al.; Kremer, K.; Mukherji, D.; Ng, D. Y. W.; Weil, T.: Polymer cyclization for the emergence of hierarchical nanostructures. Nature Communications 12, 3959 (2021)
Chen, C.; Ng, D. Y. W.; Weil, T.: Polymer bioconjugates: Modern design concepts toward precision hybrid materials. Progress in Polymer Science 105, 101241 (2020)
Chen, C.; Ng, D. Y. W.; Weil, T.: Denatured proteins as a novel template for the synthesis of well-defined, ultra-stable and water-soluble metal nanostructures for catalytic applications. Journal of leather science and engineering 2, 7 (2020)
Chen, C.; Wunderlich, K.; Mukherji, D.; Koynov, K.; Heck, A.; Raabe, M.; Barz, M.; Fytas, G.; Kremer, K.; Ng, D. Y. W. et al.; Weil, T.: Precision Anisotropic Brush Polymers by Sequence Controlled Chemistry. Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (3), S. 1332 - 1340 (2020)
Chen, C.; Ng, D. Y. W.; Weil, T.: Polymer-grafted gold nanoflowers with temperature-controlled catalytic features by in situ particle growth and polymerization. Materials Chemistry Frontiers 3 (7), S. 1449 - 1453 (2019)
Harvey, S.; Raabe, M.; Ermakova, A.; Wu, Y.; Zapata, T.; Chen, C.; Lu, H.; Jelezko, F.; Ng, D. Y. W.; Weil, T.: Transferrin‐Coated Nanodiamond–Drug Conjugates for Milliwatt Photothermal Applications. Advanced Therapeutics 2 (11), 1900067 (2019)
Tokura, Y.; Harvey, S.; Chen, C.; Wu, Y.; Ng, D. Y. W.; Weil, T.: Fabrication of Defined Polydopamine Nanostructures by DNA Origami-Templated Polymerization. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (6), S. 1587 - 1591 (2018)
Tokura, Y.; Harvey, S.; Xu, X. M.; Chen, C.; Morsbach, S.; Wunderlich, K.; Fytas, G.; Wu, Y.; Ng, D. Y. W.; Weil, T.: Polymer tube nanoreactors via DNA-origami templated synthesis. Chemical Communications 54 (22), S. 2808 - 2811 (2018)
Riegger, A.; Chen, C.; Zirafi, O.; Daiss, N.; Mukherji, D.; Walter, K.; Tokura, Y.; Stöckle, B.; Kremer, K.; Kirchhoff, F. et al.; Ng, D. Y. W.; Hermann, P. C.; Münch, J.; Weil, T.: Synthesis of Peptide-Functionalized Poly(bis-sulfone) Copolymers Regulating HIV-1 Entry and Cancer Stem Cell Migration. ACS Macro Letters 6 (3), S. 241 - 246 (2017)

Vortrag (1)

Chen, C.: Polymer-grafted gold nanoflowers with temperature-controlled catalytic features bz combining ARGET ATRP and metal reduction in one pot. 4th Workshop “Advanced Materials“, organized within the H2020 project Materials Networking, Varna, Bulgaria (2019)

Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit (1)

Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Chen, C.: Unfolding of natural macromolecules and folding of synthetic polymers: bioinspired strategies for constructing precision nanomaterials. Dissertation, Universität, Ulm (2020)

Review Article (1)

Review Article
Chen, C.; Weil, T.: Cyclic polymers: synthesis, characteristics, and emerging applications. (2022)
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