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Publikationen von Gönül Kizilsavas

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Zegota, M. M.; Müller, M.; Lantzberg, B.; Kizilsavas, G.; Coelho, J. A. S.; Moscariello, P.; Martínez Negro, M.; Morsbach, S.; Gois, P. M. P.; Wagner, M. et al.; Ng, D. Y. W.; Kuan, S. L.; Weil, T.: Dual Stimuli-Responsive Dynamic Covalent Peptide Tags: Toward Sequence-Controlled Release in Tumor-like Microenvironments. Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (41), S. 17047 - 17058 (2021)
Sokkar, P.; Harms, M.; Stürzel, C.; Gilg, A.; Kizilsavas, G.; Raasholm, M.; Preising, N.; Wagner, M.; Kirchhoff, F.; Ständker, L. et al.; Weidinger, G.; Mayer, B.; Münch, J.; Sanchez-Garcia, E.: Computational modeling and experimental validation of the EPI-X4/CXCR4 complex allows rational design of small peptide antagonists. Communications Biology 4 (1), 1113 (2021)
Harmsa, M.; Habib, M. M.W.; Nemska, S.; Nicolò, A.; Gilg, A.; Preising, N.; Sokkar, P.; Carmignani, S.; Raasholm, M.; Weidinger, G. et al.; Kizilsavas, G.; Wagner, M.; Ständker, L.; Abadi, A. H.; Jumaa, H.; Kirchhoff, F.; Frossard, N.; Sanchez-Garcia, E.; Münch, J.: An optimized derivative of an endogenous CXCR4 antagonist prevents atopic dermatitis and airway inflammation. Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B 11 (9), S. 2694 - 2708 (2021)
Noschka, R.; Wondany, F.; Kizilsavas, G.; Weil, T.; Weidinger, G.; Walther, P.; Michaelis, J.; Stenger, S.: Gran1: A Granulysin-Derived Peptide with Potent Activity against Intracellular Mycobacterium tuberculosis. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (16), 8392 (2021)
Wei, W.; Li, R.; Huber, N.; Kizilsavas, G.; Ferguson, C. T. J.; Landfester, K.; Zhang, K. A. I.: Visible Light-Promoted Aryl Azoline Formation over Mesoporous Organosilica as Heterogeneous Photocatalyst. ChemCatChem 13 (15), S. 3410 - 3413 (2021)
Maltseva, D.; Gudbrandsdottir, R.; Kizilsavas, G.; Horinek, D.; Gonella, G.: Location and Conformation of the LKα14 Peptide in Water/EthanolMixtures. Langmuir 37 (1), S. 469 - 477 (2021)
Ayed, C.; Huang, W.; Kizilsavas, G.; Landfester, K.; Zhang, K. A. I.: Photocatalytic Partial Oxidation of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) to 2,5-Diformylfuran (DFF) Over a Covalent Triazine Framework in Water. ChemPhotoChem 4 (2020)
Hebel, M.; Riegger, A.; Zegota, M. M.; Kizilsavas, G.; Gačanin, J.; Pieszka, M.; Lückerath, T.; Coelho, J. A. S.; Wagner, M.; Gois, P. M. P. et al.; Ng, D. Y. W.; Weil, T.: Sequence Programming with Dynamic Boronic Acid/Catechol Binary Codes. Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (36), S. 14026 - 14031 (2019)
Jiang, S.; Ma, B. C.; Huang, W.; Kaltbeitzel, A.; Kizilsavas, G.; Crespy, D.; Zhang, K. A. I.; Landfester, K.: Visible light active nanofibrous membrane for antibacterial wound dressing. Nanoscale Horizons 3 (4), S. 439 - 446 (2018)
Kizilsavas, G.; Ledolter, K.; Kurzbach, D.: Hydrophobic Collapse of the Intrinsically Disordered Transcription Factor Myc Associated Factor X. Biochemistry 56 (40), S. 5365 - 5372 (2017)
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