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Publikationen von S. H. Liu

Zeitschriftenartikel (10)

Ding, N.; Feng, X. Y.; Liu, S. H.; Xu, J.; Fang, X.; Lieberwirth, I.; Chen, C. H.: High capacity and excellent cyclability of vanadium (IV) oxide in lithium battery applications. Electrochemistry Communications 11 (3), S. 538 - 541 (2009)
Ding, N.; Liu, S. H.; Feng, X. Y.; Gao, H. T.; Fang, X.; Xu, J.; Tremel, W. G.; Lieberwirth, I.; Chen, C. H.: Hydrothermal Growth and Characterization of Nanostructured Vanadium-Based Oxides. Crystal Growth & Design 9 (4), S. 1723 - 1728 (2009)
Dong, L. J.; Liu, S. H.; Gao, H. T.; Ding, N.; Tremel, W.; Xiong, C. X.; Zhu, Q. M.; Knoll, W.: Self-Assembled FeCo/Gelatin Nanospheres with Rapid Magnetic Response and High Biomolecule-Loading Capacity. Small 5 (10), S. 1153 - 1157 (2009)
Liu, R. L.; Wu, D. Q.; Liu, S. H.; Koynov, K.; Knoll, W.; Li, Q.: An Aqueous Route to Multicolor Photoluminescent Carbon Dots Using Silica Spheres as Carriers. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 48 (25), S. 4598 - 4601 (2009)
Liu, S. H.; Ding, N.; Ye, E. Y.; Zong, Y.; Wang, D. S.; Knoll, W.; Han, M. Y.: Oxidation-induced constituent separation of magnetic exchange biased Fe/CoO nanocrystals. Chemical Communications (41), S. 6255 - 6257 (2009)
Shi, F.; Liu, S. H.; Gao, H. T.; Ding, N.; Dong, L. J.; Tremel, W.; Knoll, W.: Magnetic-Field-Induced Locomotion of Glass Fibers on Water Surfaces: Towards the Understanding of How Much Force One Magnetic Nanoparticle Can Deliver. Advanced Materials 21 (19), S. 1927 - 1930 (2009)
Cheng, Z. Y.; Liu, S. H.; Beines, P. W.; Ding, N.; Jakubowicz, P.; Knoll, W.: Rapid and Highly Efficient Preparation of Water-Soluble Luminescent Quantum Dots via Encapsulation by Thermo- and Redox-Responsive Hydrogels. Chemistry of Materials 20 (23), S. 7215 - 7219 (2008)
Cheng, Z. Y.; Liu, S. H.; Gao, H. T.; Tremel, W. G.; Ding, N.; Liu, R. L.; Beines, P. W.; Knoll, W.: A facile approach for transferring hydrophobic magnetic nanoparticles into water-soluble particles. Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 209 (11), S. 1145 - 1151 (2008)
Ding, N.; Liu, S. H.; Chen, C. H.; Lieberwirth, I.: An electron microscopic investigation of structural variation of V2O5 fibers after working as ethanol sensors. Applied Physics Letters 93 (17), 173510 (2008)
Zhong, X. H.; Liu, S. H.; Zhang, Z. H.; Li, L.; Wei, Z.; Knoll, W.: Synthesis of high-quality CdS, ZnS, and ZnxCd1-xS nanocrystals using metal salts and elemental sulfur. Journal of Materials Chemistry 14 (18), S. 2790 - 2794 (2004)
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