Publications of P. Wohlfart

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Journal Article
Käshammer, J.; Wohlfart, P.; Weiß, J.; Winter, C.; Fischer, R. A.; Mittler-Neher, S.: Selective Gold Deposition via CVD onto Self-Assembled Organic Monolayers. Optical Materials 9, pp. 406 - 410 (1998)
Journal Article
Nelles, G.; Weisser, M.; Back, R.; Wohlfart, P.; Wenz, G.; Mittler-Neher, S.: Controlled orientation of cyclodextrin derivatives immobilized on gold surfaces. Journal of the American Chemical Society 118 (21), pp. 5039 - 5046 (1996)
Journal Article
Weisser, M.; Nelles, G.; Wohlfart, P.; Wenz, G.; Mittler-Neher, S.: Immobilization kinetics of cyclodextrins at gold surfaces. The Journal of Physical Chemistry 100 (45), pp. 17893 - 17900 (1996)
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