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Atanasov, V.; Knorr, N.; Duran, R. S.; Ingebrandt, S.; Offenhäusser, A.; Knoll, W.; Köper, I.: Membrane on a chip: A functional tethered lipid bilayer membrane on silicon oxide surfaces. Biophysical Journal 89 (3), pp. 1780 - 1788 (2005)
Journal Article
Ingebrandt, S.; Yeung, C. K.; Krause, M.; Offenhäusser, A.: Neuron-transistor coupling: interpretation of individual extracellular recorded signals. European Biophysics Journal with Biophysics Letters 34 (2), pp. 144 - 154 (2005)
Journal Article
Ecken, H.; Ingebrandt, S.; Krause, M.; Richter, D.; Hara, M.; Offenhäusser, A.: 64-Channel extended gate electrode arrays for extracellular signal recording. Electrochimica Acta 48 (20-22), pp. 3355 - 3362 (2003)
Journal Article
Ingebrandt, S.; Yeung, C. K.; Staab, W.; Zetterer, T.; Offenhäusser, A.: Backside contacted field effect transistor array for extracellular signal recording. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 18 (4), pp. 429 - 435 (2003)
Journal Article
Ingebrandt, S.; Yeung, C. K.; Krause, M.; Offenhäusser, A.: Cardiomyocyte-Transistor-Hybrids for Sensor Application. Biosensors & Bioelectronics 16, pp. 565 - 570 (2001)
Journal Article
Lauer, L.; Ingebrandt, S.; Scholl, M.; Offenhäusser, A.: Aligned Microcontact Printing of Biomolecules on Microelectronic Device Surfaces. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 48, pp. 838 - 842 (2001)
Journal Article
Yeung, C. K.; Ingebrandt, S.; Krause, M.; Offenhäusser, A.; Knoll, W.: Validation of the use of field effect transistors for extracellular signal recording in pharmacological bioassays. Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods 45 (3), pp. 207 - 214 (2001)
Journal Article
Krause, M.; Ingebrandt, S.; Richter, D.; Denyer, M.; Scholl, M.; Sprössler, C.; Offenhäusser, A.: Extended Gate Electrode Arrays for Extracellular Signal Recordings. Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical 70, pp. 101 - 107 (2000)
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