Publications of M. R. Stukan

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Journal Article
Stukan, M. R.; An, E. A.; Ivanov, V. A.; Vinogradova, O. I.: Stability of toroid and rodlike globular structures of a single stiff-chain macromolecule for different bending potentials. Physical Review E 73 (5), 051804 (2006)
Journal Article
Stukan, M. R.; Lobaskin, V.; Holm, C.; Vinogradova, O. I.: Spatial distribution of polyelectrolyte and counterions in nanocapsules: A computer simulation study. Physical Review E 73 (2), 021801 (2006)
Journal Article
Martemyanova, J. A.; Stukan, M. R.; Ivanov, V. A.; Müller, M.; Paul, W.; Binder, K.: Dense orientationally ordered states of a single semiflexible macromolecule: An expanded ensemble Monte Carlo simulation. The Journal of Chemical Physics 122 (17), 174907 (2005)
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