Publications of Jun Zhao

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Journal Article
Zhao, J.; Yin, X. Q.; Shi, J. D.; Zhao, X. D.; Gutmann, J. S.: Melting and Crystallization of Poly(ethylene oxide) Nanofilms Studied by Micromechanical Cantilevers. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (45), pp. 22347 - 22353 (2011)
Journal Article
Zhao, J.: alpha Transition of polyamide 6 in chemically bonded polyamide 6/polytetrafluoroethylene compounds studied by dynamic mechanical thermal analysis and dielectric thermal analysis. Journal of Materials Science 42 (13), pp. 4757 - 4762 (2007)
Journal Article
Zhao, J.; Berger, R.; Gutmann, J. S.: Thermal contributions to the bending of bimaterial cantilever sensors. Applied Physics Letters 89 (3), 033110 (2006)
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