Publications of Carola Sophie Krevert

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Krevert, C. S.; Gunkel, L.; Haease, C.; Hunger, J.: Ion-specific binding of cations to the carboxylate and of anions to the amide of alanylalanine. Communications Chemistry 5 (1), 173 (2022)
Journal Article
Backes, A. T.; Reinmuth-Selzle, K.; Leifke, A. L.; Ziegler, K.; Krevert, C. S.; Tscheuschner, G.; Lucas, K.; Weller, M. G.; Berkemeier, T.; Pöschl, U. et al.; Fröhlich-Nowoisky, J.: Oligomerization and Nitration of the Grass Pollen Allergen Phl p 5 by Ozone, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Peroxynitrite: Reaction Products, Kinetics, and Health Effects. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (14), 7616 (2021)
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