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Journal Article
Wang, S.; Frisch, S.; Zhang, H.; Yildiz, O.; Mandal, M.; Ugur, N.; Jeong, B.; Ramanan, C.; Andrienko, D.; Wang, H. I. et al.; Bonn, M.; Blom, P. W. M.; Kivala, M.; Pisula, W.; Marszalek, T.: Grain engineering for improved charge carrier transport in two-dimensional lead-free perovskite field-effect transistors. Materials Horizons 10 (9), pp. 2633 - 2643 (2022)
Journal Article
Liu, J.; De Bastiani, M.; Aydin, E.; Harrison, G. T.; Gao, Y.; Pradhan, R. R.; Eswaran, M. K.; Mandal, M.; Yan, W.; Seitkhan, A. et al.; Babics, M.; Subbiah, A. S.; Ugur, E.; Xu, F.; Xu, L.; Wang, M.; Rehman, A. u.; Razzaq, A.; Kang, J.; Azmi, R.; Said, A. A.; Isikgor, F. H.; Allen, T. G.; Andrienko, D.; Schwingenschlögl, U.; Laquai, F.; De Wolf, S.: Efficient and stable perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells through contact displacement by MgFx. Science 377 (6603), pp. 302 - 306 (2022)
Journal Article
Yuce, H.; Mandal, M.; Yalcinkaya, Y.; Andrienko, D.; Demir, M. M.: Improvement of Photophysical Properties of CsPbBr3 and Mn2+:CsPb(Br,Cl)(3) Perovskite Nanocrystals by Sr2+ Doping for White Light-Emitting Diodes. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 126 (27), pp. 11277 - 11284 (2022)
Journal Article
Naujoks, T.; Jayabalan, R.; Kirsch, C.; Zu, F.; Mandal, M.; Wahl, J.; Waibel, M.; Opitz, A.; Koch, N.; Andrienko, D. et al.; Scheele, M.; Brütting, W.: Quantum Efficiency Enhancement of Lead-Halide Perovskite Nanocrystal LEDs by Organic Lithium Salt Treatment. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 14 (25), pp. 28985 - 28996 (2022)
Journal Article
Yu, X.; Fu, S.; Mandal, M.; Yao, X.; Liu, Z.; Zheng, W.; Samori, P.; Narita, A.; Müllen, K.; Andrienko, D. et al.; Bonn, M.; Wang, H. I.: Tuning interfacial charge transfer in atomically precise nanographene-graphene heterostructures by engineering van der Waals interactions. The Journal of Chemical Physics 156 (7), 074702 (2022)
Journal Article
Lapkin, D.; Kirsch, C.; Hiller, J.; Andrienko, D.; Assalauova, D.; Braun, K.; Carnis, J.; Kim, Y. Y.; Mandal, M.; Maier, A. et al.; Meixner, A. J.; Mukharamova, N.; Scheele, M.; Schreiber, F.; Sprung, M.; Wahl, J.; Westendorf, S.; Zaluzhnyy, I. A.; Vartanyants, I. A.: Spatially resolved fluorescence of caesium lead halide perovskite supercrystals reveals quasi-atomic behavior of nanocrystals. Nature Communications 13 (1), 892 (2022)
Journal Article
Wahl, J.; Engelmayer, M.; Mandal, M.; Naujoks, T.; Haizmann, P.; Maier, A.; Peisert, H.; Andrienko, D.; Brütting, W.; Scheele, M.: Porphyrin Functionalization of CsPbBrI2/SiO2 Core-Shell Nanocrystals Enhances the Stability and Efficiency in Electroluminescent Devices. Advanced Optical Materials 10 (4), 2101945 (2022)
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