Research | Dept. Weil

The department for the Synthesis of Macromolecules develops innovative synthesis concepts for the production of functional macromolecules and hybrid materials through complex molecular design strategies to solve future challenges in biomedicine and materials science.

We synthesize macromolecular architectures with:

  • a high degree of structural precision,
  • synergistic properties through multifunctionalization,
  • controlled bridging of length scales from the nanoscale to the macroscopic range,
  • adaptive features that react to their respective nano- or micro-environments

Our vision is to develop polymeric materials that interact with their environment in a controlled and adaptive manner in order to perform challenging tasks such as the targeted transport of active substances or contrast agents, directed interaction with cells and cell assemblies, and the targeted modulation of cell processes. Such intelligent materials have the potential to revolutionize molecular imaging or the therapy of serious diseases.

Our research focuses on the following topics:

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