Groups | Dept. Weil

We develop new chemical methodologies and prepare synthetic proteins to address deadly diseases such as cancer and viral infections. [more]
Our group builds complex nanoscale objects and integrates them into living systems to create biosynthetic life.  [more]
Well-defined macromolecular chemistry can become a key tool in enhancing  therapeutic efficacies – we are keen to contribute in the development of next-generation macromolecular (immuno-)therapeutics.” [more]
We develop new methods to analyze and process intractable macromolecules by mass spectrometry and related methods [more]
Our group synthesizes small building blocks to assemble into hierarchical bio-interfacing materials. [more]
The NMR team are establishing a broad tool for in-situ measurements to understand the reaction pathways of polymerization; the Nanodiamond (ND) team is looking into the synthesis of NDs with defined atomic defect for tunable physical properties. [more]

Scientific-Technical Coordinator

Work Safety

My work focuses on occupational safety (biology) and the development of biological tools to investigate cellular responses. [more]
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